Guidelines and Status

A “Reflection Garden” has been designed and developed by a group of Wintergreen volunteers, in collaboration with WPOA, on a piece of wooded property located behind the Chestnut Springs Picnic and Pool area. It is landscaped with native plants, rocks and benches and provide a place of peace and space for reflection on Wintergreen owners or employees who have passed on. The project has been created through contributions of materials, plants, monetary gifts to support the overall effort and/or to memorialize a specific person. The Wintergreen Mountain Women website provides a link to a webpage about the Reflection Garden’s progress; identify those memorialized through gifts; and list donors to the garden.

  1. Inclusion Parameters
    • Any Wintergreen owner, former owner, extended family member and WPOA and Resort employees can be memorialized through purchase of a Memory stone engraved with name of deceased. Approx. size = 5-7”; Cost = $50, which includes cost of stone, engraving and small donation to the Garden’s maintenance fund.
    • Any Wintergreen owner or former owner who would like to memorialize a specific pet that enjoyed the mountain with their owner) can purchase a small, engraved memory stone for placement in the pet area. The Steering Committee will serve as points-of-contact for ordering memory stones. Approx. size = 3-4” Cost = $25, which includes cost of stone, engraving and small donation to the Garden’s maintenance fund.
  2. General Funding Opportunities
    • General donations can be made in any amount to be applied to general expenses (e.g., buy river rocks, native landscape plants and shrubs, signage, mulch) as identified by the Reflection Garden Plan. These donors will be recognized on a website, but not at the garden.
    • Cindy Coy will serve as “treasurer” during the planning and implementation phase. Cash or checks are acceptable. Checks should be made out to Cindy Coy with a notation that it is for the ‘Wintergreen Reflection Garden’.
    • Since there is no nonprofit organization associated with the project, this cannot be considered a tax-deductible charitable donation within the guidelines of the IRS.
  3. Administration/Oversight
    • A steering committee with 6-8 volunteers will serve as points-of-contact and oversight of implementation and maintenance. Duties will include (but not be limited to) developing garden design, scheduling implementation and maintenance, approving of plant materials and garden elements, managing process for memory stone requests/engraving, providing an account of funds/expenses, and administering webpage with information about garden and donors.
    • Marti Szczur ( is serving as initial chair of the steering committee with volunteer members being Cindy Coy, Pat Thompson, Lynn Luessen, Bob Scott, and Jill Toop. Special garden consultants include Georgia Orphan, Vera Jones and Sue Carlson.