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In 2014, a “Reflection Garden” was designed/constructed by a group of Wintergreen volunteers, in collaboration with WPOA, on a piece of wooded property located behind the Chestnut Springs Picnic and Pool area. Landscaping with native plants, rocks and benches provides a place of peace and space for reflection on Wintergreen owners or employees who have passed on. Contributions can be made to support the overall maintenance and/or to memorialize a specific person (or pet.) Any Wintergreen owner, former owner, extended family member and WPOA and Resort employees can be memorialized through specific selected opportunities. We have occasional garden workdays and announce them at Mountain Women meetings, so everyone interested can come and help in the creation of our Reflection Garden.
Want to make a Donation?

Contributions can be ear-marked for a particular purpose (i.e., evergreen trees, shrubs, river stone, plantings in bermed beds, entrance plantings, border flowers, woodland wildflowers, engraved memory stones) or donated toward a general implementation and sustaining fund.

Cindy Coy has agreed to be our Garden treasurer, and she will be happy to receive cash or check donations. Checks should be made out to Cindy Coy with “Reflection Garden” written on the ‘For’ line. Her address is RR 1, Box 601, Roseland, VA 22967 or bring a donation to a Mountain Women meeting.

Since there is no nonprofit organization associated with the project, this cannot be considered a tax-deductible charitable donation within the guidelines of the IRS.

How did this idea get started?

A group of Mountain Women conceived the idea of creating a Reflection Garden in memory of some of our Wintergreen mountain friends who have died in recent years.

A steering committee with 6-8 volunteers will serve as points-of-contact and oversight of implementation and maintenance. Marti Szczur will serve as chair of the originating steering committee with volunteer members being Cindy Coy, Pat Thompson, Lynn Luessen, Bob Scott, Sue Carlson and Jill Toop.

For more information, please feel free to contact Marti Szczur and/or any of the Steering Committee members.