Epicurious Club

2015 Schedule - Contact Cindy Coy for additional information. ccoywtg@msn.com, 325-9287

Thursday, February 12

Host: Marker Misker

Winter Soup Event (yes, a repeat from last year)

Lead: Barbara Porter. Team: Sue Carlson, Martha Misker, Mary Ellen Condon-Rall, Susan McIver

Thursday, April 9 [This will be a Member and Guest Event]

Host: Pat Harvey

‘April in Paris’, a French dinner

Lead: Marti Szczur. Team: Cyndy Morris, Kathy Knowles, Camille Kurtz, Martha Misker

Thursday, June 11

Host: Lynnda Gilliam

‘High Tea Amongst the Laurels’, a Tutorial

Lead: Lynnda Gilliam

Thursday, August 13 [This will be a Member and Guest Event]

Host: Chestnut Springs

Mexican-themed dinner. Looking into a local “Food Truck” catering affair with perhaps a demo of one of the dishes by chef.

Lead: Vera Jones

Thursday, October 8


A field trip to Pippins Winery restaurant with (hopefully) a demo/tour

Lead: Pat Harvey

Thursday, December 10

Host: Marti Szczur

Annual Planning Meeting