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In the fall of 2003, the Hospitality Committee of the Mountain Homesteaders Association, chaired by Kate Allenbach and including Jean Bertelson, Sue Tiller and Joan Stemmler, discussed how to welcome newcomers to the mountain.  They sought to determine how to identify permanent residents living on the mountain, and how the women on the mountain could get together to relieve the tediousness of the long winter.  Slowly the idea of “Mountain Women” took hold and ongoing discussion, research and planning culminated in a first meeting on February 4, 2005.

The meeting’s purpose was to determine whether there was an interest in establishing a network of mutual support for women living on the mountain, especially during the winter months.  Kate Allenbach, Kathy Knowles, Joan Stemmler and Irma Graf planned the event. More than thirty women attended and expressed their overwhelming support. 

Out of that meeting grew the essence of what Mountain Women is today: a networking and social support group with mechanisms to accommodate special interests, communication and neighborhood cohesion, as well as to contribute to the vitality of the greater Wintergreen community.

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